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Sistem Pakar Untuk Mengidentifikasi Ikan Hias Air Laut

Tahun Anggaran : 2009
Pengelola Pengabdian : Kantor Pusat
Abstraksi : Lihat Abstraksi
Expert system was disigned to moved the knowledge that was owned by the expert in a system. It expected can giving an answer for a problem.
”Expert system for identifiying marine decorated fish” is an expert system that designed for helping fish lover to identifiying every kind of marine decorated fish. This system is using Rule based reasoning logical with Depth-first search method and also using forward chaining inference machine. Knowledge base on this research is from interview with fish expert, books, article from internet.
Output on the research are the name of the fish from identification, the picture of identification fish and explanation more complete the fish from identification that inside was explained the area of the spreading of the fish decorated this.
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1 Pantai Sanur
Bidang Ilmu : nano teknologi
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